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Your Fractional COO

Big Dreams Become a Bigger, Better Reality.

Ashley Schaer

Yes, Nonprofits Are Entrepreneurs Too

Craig, Executive Director - Non Profit

A creative right-brain thinker, Craig enjoyed a lucrative career as a lobbyist. Yet, like all entrepreneurs-at-heart, Craig had a dream: He wished to make a bigger impact on the world. He found himself in his first executive director position within a newly established nonprofit aimed at creating innovation in the next generation of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. 

He immediately ran into a problem. He was hopelessly bogged down by every tiny detail of operations. I worked with Craig before and I was thrilled to collaborate with him again. We quickly improved skills he hadn’t honed as a organizational leader. Example: we went through his daily activities to discern what he could delegate to his team. Doing so, we freed up much of his day to tackle more critical challenges. Craig transformed from an expert “Doer” into expert “Leader” in record time.


"Where I am now compared to where I was when I started is a world of difference. I am finally working the way I wanted and no longer stuck in the minutia. I cannot recommend Ashley highly enough to anyone wise enough to take advantage of the assistance she can provide."

- Craig, OMIC

Even Consultants Need an Outside Perspective

Chris, CEO - Small Business Owner

Chris named his firm WBTO based on the phrase “We boil the ocean,” a clever way to say they take on leviathan-size tasks. In practice, Chris creates lucrative career pathways in manufacturing for high school students. Yet for all his passion, Chris felt disorganized and lacking in strategy.

I met Chris through my work with OMIC. I wasn’t just a thought partner, I helped him practically to bring his idea to market. Co-developing an effective strategy gave Chris the confidence to work with academia and top global manufacturers, developing CTE programs. At the same time, we initiated effective business processes by first determining his customer base (hint: not students!) and how he could maximize results for future manufacturing professionals and potential employers. Through this work, I supercharged Chris and his efforts to create the workforce of the future.

"I think of Ashley as an insanely talented Executive Coach & Consultant with a toolbox I've yet to see the bottom of."

- Chris, WBTO


Falling in Love with Her Company (Again)

Gracie, CEO - Small Business Owner

Gracie founded her HR consulting agency to leverage best practices from her corporate career, enabling smaller companies to raise their HR game. She loved working with her clients on certain projects, but it wasn’t all roses. Gracie found herself stretched too thin. She was offering services she didn’t enjoy providing, yet still considered a necessary evil to stay afloat. 

I met Gracie through a certification program. Together we streamlined her menu of services, deciding which were “keepers.” We then devised a strategy to increase her work in areas she enjoyed while minimizing those she didn’t. The result? A happier, more focused Gracie.


"Ashley's technical skills are out of this world. But it's her ability take what is in my mind, consolidate, and create something tangible that makes her so valuable to me."

- Gracie, Inacay HRC

Scaling a Better Dog Treat

Christie, CEO - Small Business Owner

Christie baked dog treats at home because she wasn’t satisfied with store offerings. After months of friends and family ooh-ing and ah-ing over her creations, she took the plunge: selling her unique goodies to other pet lovers. She soon encountered unprecedented challenges beyond creating treats for demanding pups. She struggled to manage her production process.

In Christie, I recognized someone with passion for a superior product. Together, we charted her problems, developing plans to manage them. Back then, she still rolled and cut dough by hand before baking them. I helped her identify options to accelerate production and reduce manual labor without harming quality. I also presented helpful data on weighing costs versus benefits, transforming her operations. Christie has since scaled her business tremendously; her treats are now sold on the shelves of major retailer MudBay.


"I would be spinning my wheels without Ashley's direction and guidance"

- Christie, Clyde Dog Treats

"Ashley's strategic brain is on fire!"

- Carol Egan, Education Consulting

I look forward to your success!

Your amazing ideas, visions, and yes—even your thorny operational issues—are why I get out of bed in the morning. Through collaboration, I’m ready to structure your operations. Let’s strategize how to move you company forward now.

Let's launch your business forward

Ashley Schaer
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