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Ashley Schaer

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Your Fractional COO

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Appears in the Oddest Places…

I began my professional journey while working for the City of Portland. You’re probably thinking that government is the last place you’d expect your fractional COO to emerge but hear me out.

Working in this capacity gave me over a decade of real-world experience leading major system implementations, large scale process improvement strategies, and managing multi-million dollar budgets. I learned best practices and methods of project management, business, and financial analysis. I worked closely with multiple bureaus to manage the complete overhaul of the city's enterprise business solutions, stood up a data governance, and established financial management practices, thereby revamping how the city did business. Back then, various stakeholders would approach me with myriad challenges. In time, I became known as the "data and process guru" as more and more city agencies turned to me for data-driven insights and improved process efficiency.

Yet, even as my career with the city flourished, I knew I wanted to fulfill my own vision… by starting my own business.

I’ve Walked in Your Shoes
While working at the City of Portland, I co-founded and served as the COO of a company titled BIT-PRO Inc. which sold in 2017. I reflect on this time as valuable business education. I learned the importance of brainstorming, planning, and following through - though not always in that order.


Most of what I work on with clients, I worked on myself, along with my co-founder at BIT-PRO Inc. A few years after this sale, I launched the Center for Advanced Leadership as its CEO, offering world-class leadership coaching and development programs for business leaders. It was my first attempt to empower entrepreneurs by applying my left-brain approach to their right-brain businesses. However, I soon found I was spending too much of my time coaching corporate execs instead of small business owners and entrepreneurs. This led me to seek new ways to directly impact my desired clientele.

Your Fractional COO
Along with my prosperous career in government, I have successfully founded, scaled, and sold two businesses for a considerable profit. I am now primed and ready to apply my skills, abilities, and enthusiasm to your business.

To learn more about my career, I encourage you to check out my LinkedIn profile. If you’ve read this far, it’s time to get to know each other. Schedule a call with me to turn your business dreams into a practical and profitable reality.

About Me

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