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Your Fractional COO

Your business is unique, just like you. Truly thriving requires a customized solution—not generic, cookie-cutter plans. Working together, we’ll identify your pain points and the best personalized approach to fit you.

Ashley Schaer



From the Kitchen Table to Mass Distribution: Christie’s Dog Treat Tale 

A graphic designer who dreamed of a different career, Christie was passionate about pets. She knew her homemade concoctions were better than anything on the market, leading her to launch Clyde Dog Treats. While canines—and their owners—loved the healthy, delicious goodies, running the business was fast becoming Christie’s nightmare. 

She happened to tell her troubles to another client, who advised her: “It’s time to call Ashley.”

Strategic Planning was one of the first things Christie and I tackled. So many unanswered questions made her feel like she was pulled in a million directions. I helped her devise a strategic plan to scale from baking treats in-house to managing large-scale distribution for a major pet brand. As Christie explains, "I’d be spinning my wheels without Ashley's direction and guidance."

Making Christie’s Business Work for Her: One of Christie's first hurdles was the commercial kitchen she rented. It wasn’t a good fit. Cramped, the other tenants didn’t respect the shared schedule. Plus, the equipment was antiquated. Instead of “making do,” we collaborated to acquire a larger space with better equipment and schedule enforcement. Best of all? The new kitchen was cheaper than her original location!

Translating Data into English: Christie’s background as a graphic designer meant she had little love for Excel spreadsheets. In the early days of her business, she flew by the seat of her pants, lacking a grasp on her business data. Example: She wasn’t using crucial metrics, like cost per package. Together, we created a dashboard to effectively receive key data points.

Overcoming Creative Blocks: Christie called me on a Sunday before her first big order was to ship out. She had a bad case of the flu, which already cost her two crucial production days. She worried about how to communicate her problem to her new customers. I assisted her in crafting a timely email addressing the delay. Despite her fears, she didn’t lose a single order. In fact, it helped to form closer relationships with clients who appreciated knowing her situation.

Christie is Succeeding. So Can You: Christie quickly went from packaging treats at home for sale at boutiques to stocking Clyde Dog Treats at one of the Northwest’s largest pet chains. She scaled like a champ, yet still comes to me when she needs help.


As her story proves, there’s no challenge a right-brain visionary and a left-brain strategist can’t overcome. Together.

 "I would be spinning my wheels without Ashley's direction and guidance"

- Christie, Clyde Dog Treats


Customized Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all magic framework that solves all problems. That's why I will never shoehorn you or your business into a ridged prefabricated framework. We (collaboratively) build personalized solutions that work for you and the way you want to run your business. It all begins by discovering your specific leadership style.

What sets me apart?

A Pragmatic Partner

I steer clear of buzzwords and ill-defined jargon. Instead, I provide pragmatic recommendations and solutions designed to maximize results befitting to your specific style.

Take Charge Consulting

The last thing an entrepreneur needs is a “yes woman.” You require someone who knows the pressure you’re under. I don’t sugarcoat my answers. I show you I care about your success through action. 

A Thought Guide

Often the most significant insights derive from the right questions, not answers. I provide an attentive ear trained to help you think through your situations and next steps.

Catalyst for Success

I may be an expert number cruncher, but your business isn’t just data in a spreadsheet to me. I believe 100% in my clients, giving you the tools to clinch wins as your fiercest—yet realistic—champion.

I look forward to your success!

Your amazing ideas, visions, and yes—even your thorny operational issues—are why I get out of bed in the morning. Through collaboration, I’m ready to structure your operations. Let’s strategize how to move you company forward now.

Let's launch your business forward

Ashley Schaer
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