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Ashley Schaer

Your Fractional COO

Turning business dreams into a practical and profitable reality.

Ashley Schaer

Feeling Overwhelmed?

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you are used to wearing many hats. But, some of those hats don't fit right. You're great at building connections, inspiring others, and delivering the best products and services. It's all the other stuff you worry about that keeps you up at night.


This is the Visionary’s Dilemma.

Wearing Multiple Hats

It's understandable that you would feel overwhelmed! 


You’d rather be achieving your dream than managing endless details. Yet without a map to success, you can get lost.


The result? Wasted time, lost profits, and a business that won’t scale.


There is a reason you feel this way

Like many entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders, you are a visionary and creative genius who loves talking about the big-picture and your business. You are a right-brain thinker.


Left-brain thinkers, like me, love the details. We are number crunchers and strategic planners who can help turn dreams into a living, breathing reality.

Left-Right Brain

Apple visionary Steve Jobs had engineer Steve Wozniak, Henry Ford had James Couzens, and Walt Disney had his brother Roy.

Even the Wright Brothers enjoyed such synergy, enabling them to take off before their competition.

Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers

Big business understands how

right-brain vision and left-brain strategy combine for profitable success.

Large companies have an executive to focus on the left-brain tasks: the Chief Operating Officer. 

How can you get the same benefit as these larger organizations? 

By working with me, your fractional COO, to organize the details of your business and create systems that can keep your business running smoothly.

 No longer overwhelmed, you can be free to drive your business forward
(and catch up on some much needed sleep!)

Ashley Schaer
"Ashley's strategic brain is on fire!"

- Carol Egan, Education Consulting

I Love Chatting with Entrepreneurs Like You

Your amazing ideas, visions, and yes—even your thorny operational issues—are why I get out of bed in the morning. Through collaboration, I’m ready to structure your operations. Let’s strategize how to move you company forward.

Let's talk about your business

Ashley Schaer

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